On 1st of May, CryptoAds Marketplace launches its Initial Exchange Offering at P2PB2B exchange platform. In terms of the first round, 150 000 tokens will be supplied with an overall discount of 80% (original price is 1$). In accordance with the company’s estimates, at least 1000 unique investors will take part in the IEO.

“This is an important step towards the new epoch in digital advertising!” said Oleksii Vinogradov, the CEO of CryptoAds Marketplace, “We redesign the AdTech industry, and I am quite sure there will be many supporters of our common endeavor!”

CryptoAds has also recently launched its platform, so any potential investor or client could request a demo-access and evaluate its functionality by him/herself. The platform itself allows monetizing digital traffic, using various payment models (CPE, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPV and others) and supporting newest ad formats (such as playable ads, for example).

“CryptoAds is a very promising project.” said Gleb Ushakov, the Head Of Business Operations and Strategy at P2PB2B, “It has a strong base, built with a proficient technology and proved by real use cases with existing clients”.

Positive impact
CryptoAds Marketplace’s Initial Exchange Offering will not only attract a significant amount of attention to the company itself and help to gain initial investments, but also promote an idea of decentralized ad networks and ensure token liquidity for future partners.

Finally, it has a real potential to revolutionize the industry and change the way of income distribution between the affiliate networks and end-users, increasing the revenue share of the last group, while removing those from the first one that does not bring actual value to the process.

About the CryptoAds Marketplace
Founded in 2017, CryptoAds Marketplace builds a decentralized blockchain advertising platform, centered around the advertisement providers and app developers. The platform is completely transparent and provides secure solutions for brands, digital advertisers, marketers, content publishers and everyday Internet users that receive an opportunity to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges.

About the P2PB2B
P2PB2B‌ is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users. In order to make trading even more convenient and safe, the platform has all the necessary features and tools. Besides its high performance and advanced interface, the platform is also known for strong safety and customer-centricity.


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