Almost any user action is recorded on the web, so you can easily and quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It can be instantly adjusted to achieve a greater effect.

Advertising activity gains more and more popularity in mobile devices as the target audience is growing every day. What are the varieties, characteristics, and examples of mobile advertising?

If you like to play with smartphones or tablets, you have noticed that you see a banner or ad sometimes while playing games or working in other applications. This is a contextual promotion, which can be of several types.

The most effective ones have expandable display options that are minimized, which you need to click or drag out to view them in full. They are not annoying, give a high conversion, as they are viewed by target visitors.
Interstitial. Placed on top of the entire screen (banner, video) for a few seconds. To refuse to view you must click on the appropriate button.
Rewarded Video. For viewing the user receives a reward (equipment for heroes in games, bonuses, tips, etc.)
Playable ads. This is a small mini-game, after which the user is invited to perform an action, or he sees a message.
Native (movie or media banner). It is disguised as application design, not annoying to people. Users often do not understand that this is advertising. It may also be disguised as a news feed or a letter.
In any form of contextual advertising, there is a triple benefit: the advertiser receives visitors, the search engine and his partner site have an income from each click. An advertisement may also be in the form of a banner block. The cost of placing media material is much higher.

Playable advertising has been on the market for several years, but so far only a small percentage of advertising budgets are spent on this format. At the same time, users are very loyal to it. It is the second most popular full-screen format among advertisers (22%), immediately after the rewarded video (40%).

The audience is much less tolerant of full-screen static banners (interstitials), appearing directly in the middle of the gameplay video (pre / mid-roll video) and advertising, posing as part of the native content (in-feed ads).

To sweeten the experience of interacting with playable advertising, it can also offer some reward. Thus, it is possible to increase loyalty to the advertised product from the users.

The playable ad lasts from 15 seconds to a minute. Usually, it contains three components: training, gameplay and the so-called “final card” (End card).

Training, which should take less than three seconds, introduces the player to the process and explains how to play.

Gameplay lasts from 10 to 20 seconds. During this time, the player should form a clear understanding of what the full version of the game looks like. Ideally, the demonstration should put him on the project.

The final card (End card) is a player’s call to action. Advertising asks to install the application or perform any other action.

One of the advantages of playable ads is that the user always has the option to close it so that the player feels control over the situation, and his experience in interacting with the product remains positive this way.

If you ask any publisher or developer what is the most important task of a product, they will answer you – retention. The ecosystem of mobile applications is very competitive today, so getting downloads is not so easy. At the same time, the holding situation is even more terrifying.

That is why playable advertising is so important for getting quality users. When the audience has the opportunity to try the game first, then that part of it that download the game becomes high-quality users who will not erase and will not forget the product soon.

Since playable advertising is interactive, its engagement parameters are easy to track. Thanks to this, marketers see how interested users are in the project. But the most important thing here is what users do when advertising comes to an end. Playable advertising has a high conversion – in some cases 4-time increase in efficiency.

CryptoAds is among the trend-setters, and we understand the importance of Playable Ads format. This ad format is supported by our platform, and we will be glad to provide you with a demo access.

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