The traditional mobile marketing is easy enough for understanding. It massively engages mobile-oriented channels like text messaging to attract potential customers.

The growing spread of smartphones and other mobile devised made a very subtle and unclear difference between mobile affiliate marketing and conventional affiliate marketing.

Practically, you can access the same websites and the same advertisements from your mobile and from a desktop computer.

So, the primary purpose of mobile affiliate marketing is the strategy of using offers, tactics, and means designated intentionally for mobile users.

Mobile affiliate marketing is actually a form or kind of affiliate marketing where mobile plays the role of the advertising channel. Affiliates receive profit only after completion of certain actions. It can be various activity – an application installation, subscription to a service, form completions, sales.

In other words, it works through performance. Its principle is to reward the third party (partners or affiliates) for traffic which is coming from mobile devices. Hence, the correct description would be the process of using offers and instruments to engage mobile users through affiliate channels.

It can also be explained in a simpler way. Any advertisement or news feed you follow on the desktop can easily be converted to run on mobile devices. If you do that then you can consider yourself a mobile affiliate marketer.

Many mobile users may think that it is enough to send out text messages to turn into a mobile affiliate marketer. But the essence of it is much deeper. We can roughly talk about two types of channels: free and paid.

Free channels cover traffic through social media networks, through mobile search and the traffic goes to a mobile-optimized site.

Paid channels are created to attract the audience through advertising and transform it into potential customers.

There are two parties in Mobile Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketer (or Affiliate, Associate, Partner) – a third party that advertises and promotes your product or service. Usually, advertising methods are banners, text links, searches, product comparison systems, etc., and he receives his commission in the form of a certain percentage only in direct sales.

The Seller (or Brand, Retailer, Merchant) is a company that sells its product or service. Its main goal is to increase sales conversion:

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay per click of the buyer who subsequently made the purchase

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Payment for performing an action on the site (a fixed amount of commission): registration on the site, use of a trial service period, etc.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – Pay per sale: direct sale fee is paid. The most popular program of this type is Amazon Associates, where a partner can earn up to 15%.

Successful participation in the affiliate program is a very complicated process that requires certain knowledge and strength. However, the partnership continues to play a major role in the marketing strategies of online commerce. For many webmasters, affiliate programs often become an initial move to first earning online and disclose the way to further branches of internet marketing. But, professional partners through participation in mobile affiliate marketing generated a very decent profit.

Affiliate marketing, for the advertiser, is an exceptional chance to automatize the marketing campaign. The advertiser gets access to his targeted mobile audience. As a rule, affiliate programs offer rich tools for analytics and tracking of an advertising campaign. The advertiser can test various design options, different types of traffic and ways to attract the targeted audience.

CryptoAds simplifies the process for both the advertiser and the brand, making it easier for them to communicate, negotiate and close the deal directly with each other, not involving third-party intermediaries. This also results in higher revenue shares and faster deal flow.

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