An affiliate marketing offer is a type of business cooperation between a seller of goods or services with his partners. The advantage of partnership programs is that they help to reduce the cost of attracting a buyer. Examples of partner program participants: Microsoft, travel agencies, car dealers, B2B business scheme. The affiliate manager receives a percentage or a fixed amount from such cooperation in accordance with the partnership plan.

The mobile market is growing incredibly fast. More than 50% of mobile users are smartphone owners. The number of customers working with mobile applications is constantly increasing. Affiliate networks need to invest in mobile and tablet technology. Good mobile sites are built with the participation of the audience.

So, traditional affiliate marketing is actively transforming into a mobile-oriented type of marketing.

What are the advantages of mobile affiliate marketing?

It allows you to interact with a wider audience and find customers even in unexpected places.
It provides an opportunity to convey information about the product and the company to a large number of consumers in a short period of time, while other strategies require significant time-consuming.
It allows to establish a dialogue with customers.
Digital technology helps to have a more serious impact on customers, which increases the likelihood of product interest.
Digital promotion is cheaper than other strategies.
Transparent tracking of impact effectiveness.

Mobile affiliate marketing offers are divided into several types depending on what money is paid for. For example, fees:

for sale – СPS (cost-per-sale);

per click – CPC (cost-per-click);

per action – CPA (cost-per-action);

for download – CPI (cost-per-install);

per show – CPV (cost-per-view);

multi-level marketing.

What are the promotion channels in mobile affiliate marketing?

Promotional channels reflect the capabilities of mobile devices. These include:

search engines;
banner advertising;
contextual and teaser ads;
social networks and blogs;
mobile applications;
video content;
native advertising;
viral advertising.

What offers are typical for Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

Various kinds of offers can be found in mobile marketing industry. Each affiliate needs to choose his niche or a category and after it he can deal with offer promotion. Let’s review available types of offers:

App installation (this category includes Games, Utility apps, E-commerce, Dating services).
Mobile subscription offers or pin submits
Lead-based or CPL offers
Call offers
Sales offers
The vertical subdivision of offers based on the amount of expected payouts:

Adults: this offer category is the hottest but is well known by frequent failures. The offers usually convert, but they may not.

Games: the next hot category after adult one.

Content: content covers a wide range of offers – from ring tones and music to video download.

Utility: The most popular program is anti-virus apps. As this app is downloaded by almost all net users, it is high-profit category.

Dating: dating is above the competition at any time with a decent income.

Sweepstakes: this category can be put on one level with the adult category in terms of conversion. These are the best convertible offers and especially good to the freshmen. A real chance to win an iphone/ipad type product.

By this time, you must be clear regarding kinds of offers existing in the mobile affiliate marketing sphere. Surely you would like to know where to get these offers. Today the market of affiliate networks is highly competitive. But pay attention to those who stand out of the crowd – CryptoAds. In CryptoAds, we are not focused on one monetization type only. Instead, we offer a variety of them, so you could choose the one that fits you best.

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