It’s not a secret that the mobile market is expanding by leaps and bounds.

Some forecasts say the number of smartphone users around the world will increase to 2 billion very soon.

The crazy spread of mobile appliances is dictating changes to the marketing industry.

The focus shifts from desktop to mobile, unlocking new opportunities and enabling large brands to reach a potential customer anywhere on the globe.

With the fast global expansion of mobile users, mobile affiliate marketing becomes an essential part of CPA marketing, especially in terms of traffic volumes, where the desktop has lost its former strength.

Affiliate systems or networks have large partners and straight advertisers with whom individual pricing agreements are made, they greatly save user’s efforts to get higher payouts.

What is a mobile affiliate network?

It is a type of a mobile built platform which acts as an agent between mobile advertisement giants (mobile application holders or similar businesses offering goods via the mobile net), and affiliates (or partners) who are involved in the action-based advertising.

All platform operations can be divided into two models: CPA (cost-per-action) scheme, where an affiliate gets a reward for any product or service purchase or application installation, and a Revenue Sharing scheme, where an affiliate is paid agreed percentage of profit generated for the advertiser. How does the CPA program work?

CPA programs enable partners and media consumers (or affiliates) to receive substantial income with the relevant traffic. Once the performer manages to find right traffic for a certain type of business (e.g. any type of tourist service) then he can get a more efficient eCPM or total profit with the help of affiliate advertising compared to predicted income that can be received by clicking ads.

Moreover, clever publishers can make money by purchasing traffic and optimizing it to accumulate a profitable difference between its self-cost and the profit obtained from the CPA network activity. Though it is not so easy as many mobile parameters need to be appropriate (device type, operating system, and more).

The modern market is full of mobile applications and it is more complicated every day to earn money on apps and they have no choice but to find alternative profitable channels.

Various affiliate networks may satisfy specific traffic offers requirements. App business holders and affiliates cannot easily find advertisers with certain traffic requirements, they do not have enough time and resources to realize it.

In this respect, CryptoAds Marketplace might be a solution. It is a strong independent CPA marketing network on the base of Ethereum Blockchain. The platform offers unique and safe clues to brands, web advertisers, sellers, traders, content publishers, and ordinary web users who are in search of a direct trading possibility.

Traditional advertisement market has the following drawbacks:

The necessity to pay to intermediary a part of your income;
You are restricted by certain limits of ordering features, controlling strategy;
No chance to receive a capitalization profit;
No transparency for adds flow;
High risk of transaction frauds;
Meanwhile, the CryptoAds platform offers a brand new concept of advertising:

One intermediary with attractive charges
Token holders will be able to control strategy and future development by proposing new parameters and choosing them by voting
Every owner of the app will own CRAD tokens and they will be rewarded for all transactions
Blockchain guarantees public transparency for all actions and marketing campaigns
Individual wallet for every mobile device will be created
Curious on how to get accepted by CPA networks? CryptoAds is your answer. Just write the message to oi.cfc%40troppus, we will review your case!

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