CryptoAds executive summary:

CryptoAds executive summary:
The CryptoAds platform will be based on existing project, which was founded in 2012 and have 7M+ users with 100+ contracts with existing advertisement networks.
Our goal to create a full decentralized platform and be a top developer’s community worldwide.

On advertisement market developers and app publishers are:
- Pay to all middleman, where they can lose 10x-100x of their profit
- Have no power, they can’t order features, control strategy of the advertisement exchange growing
- Can’t receive a capitalization profit, because they have no shares from advertisement platform
- Have no transparency for advertisement flow
- High level of fraud transactions

A CryptoAds platform will provide advertisement exchange features, based on revolutionary new principles:
- Only one middleman inside with very low charges.
- Token holders will have the power to control strategy and future development by propose features and voting process
- Each app owner will have CRAD held and platform will reward them from all transactions, depends - from amount held.
- Blockchain will provide a public transparency for all transactions and marketing campaigns.
- Each mobile device will have a personal wallet, which will have a reputation rate, depends on transactions history.

One year target : Transform existing business CFC to blockchain - $100k (already committed) and reach $150k-$200k in revenue.
Three years target: Build SDK/Platform for advertisers/app publishers to open same service for third parties and reach $1M-$1.5M in revenue.
Final target to have $30M-$50M monthly revenue to convert it into coin revenue in continue five years and be a top advertisement company in blockchain next five years
Global digital advertising spend will take 44 percent, ($269.85 billion), of all ad money spent globally in 2018, with that figure reaching 50 percent, ($335.48 billion), by 2020.

Our differentiates for developers/publishers:
- Storing the history of advertising offers and rewards
- Opportunity to see a full-fledged advertising campaign from various points in different agencies
- Prevention of unfair competition and underpricing of offers
- Rating of advertisers basing on the amount and accuracy of reward payouts
- Full transparent decentralized ownership, strategy and income from ecosystem growing based on active users
Our differentiates for end users:
- The history of user activity in the blockchain system
- User priorities for rewards
- The ability to offer selected priority advertising campaigns to super users based on smart contract system
- Reputation tracking system will help to detect and disclose fraudsters to protect the advertisers’ money

Our team includes:
Oleksii Vynogradov,CEO: Serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of
experience. Founder of CFC, Heartln Inc.
Andriy Mykhailyshyn,CTO:: Making innovations & driving company to success.Full Stack Developer / Architect (C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript) at CFC, SoftServe, Sigma Software Group.
Oksana Tsibka, CFO: Experienced Finance Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Hospitality Management, and Managerial Finance. Strong finance professional with a Senior Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Business Administration and Management, General from IMI International Management Institute Switzerland.
Oleksiy Levenko,CMO: Degree in International Marketing Management, more than 2 years in Marketing&Sales, Brand Management and Communication. Entrepreneurial mindset, eager to learn and endless enthusiasm.
Aleksandr Podolyan, VP of Business Development: 5 years in the eCommerce analytics for the leading online platform. Implementation of the project to monitor the coverage of priority machines. Managing the development and implementation of a mobile application for Customer Service.

Taras Tarasov: A proud citizen of Ukraine, Taras is a game industry expert, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, who strives to keep abreast of the latest trends in games market. In a career which spans more than 20 years, he has founded several successful companies.
Jon Nolz: Jon has over three decades of digital advertising and marketing experience. With his track record of successfully growing, leading, and scaling businesses combined with ad-tech industry knowledge, Jon brings a wealth of expertise in driving strategy, revenue growth and operational excellence. He previously served as a vice president at Kochava, vice president and general manager at HipCricket, president at Symmetry Consulting, and vice president of marketing at Infospace.

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