How the founder of james hakim stole 700,000 CRAD tokens and 3M CUR8 tokens, call it “obtained CUR8 tokens illegally”

I meet with James first time Mau 2019, in telegram. He tries to sell me his advertisement business:


Now his profile from my telegram looks like that:


Later, he contact me as founder of Curate project and propose tokenswap:

And finally signed contract:

After swap was done, james violates all agreement terms (include listing CUR8 in December), move to p2pb2b exchange all CRAD tokens and sell:, finally, after he stole CRAD tokens, he stole my CUR8 tokens:


A point 1 there — “who obtained CUR8 illegally” means all CryptoAds team.
I guess larger exchanges and small exchanges will read this post and stop discussion XCUR or ZCUR, or FCUR, issued by james hakim.

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