Get your piece of the AdTech Revolution!

CryptoAds token is on trading now. Unlike most of others, our company has developed unique concept and superior technology behind it, making the CRAD token one of the best offers on a market in terms of its liquidity!


So what CryptoAds exactly is?

CryptoAds is a decentralized marketing platform for app developers and advertisers. It aims to connect those, who wants to attract more traffic with those who want to monetize the existing audience. It facilitates the fair income distribution between both parties, saving time, effort and money.

Why CryptoAds is better?

One intermediary

No profit loss during the ads re-selling between multiple intermediaries.

Complete transparency

Public transparency for all transactions and marketing campaigns.

Absolute control

Power to control ad distribution strategy as well as overall platform’s development through voting process.

Higher income

Due to lower fees, faster communication within the ecosystem and the absence of intermediaries.

Capitalization profit

Every CRAD token holder will be getting extra profit from company’s capitalization growth.

No fraud

Reputation rate is assigned to each customer and each user; cheating once gets banned forever.

Our Milestones


CRAD trading is live now! Go to the P2PB2B exchange to take part in the AdTech revolution!

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