Executive summary

The CryptoAds platform will be based on existing project CFC.io, which was founded in 2012 and have 7M+ users with 100+ contracts with existing advertisement networks.
Our goal to create a full decentralized platform and be a top developer’s community worldwide. 

Platform rules

    CFC will be a first customer of the CryptoAds Marketplace/CRAD ecosystem as App publisher/developer. With 7M+ users, profitable and committed 100,000$ investment CFC will base for future growth of all CRAD ecosystem.
    General money flow is similar, as regular advertisement network: Advertisers pay to CryptoAds Marketplace, CryptoAds Marketplace pay to app publishers, developers and keep 11% fees. Only one note - advertisers are purchase CRADs and developers withdrawal CRADs to fiat.  
    In general, CRAD has two main types of transactions - monetized (confirmed by advertisers, who paid cash) and rewards. Monetized meaning, that this transaction must be covered by advertisers payments in terms not more than one month. Fiat or crypto money follow that transaction must be on account of Fiat-Crypto-CRAD exchange service. Rewards type meaning transactions, which reward players loyalty or some other actions like reward app publishers/developers e.t.c.
    Fiat-Crypto-CRAD buyback service receives orders to exchange CRAD to ETH/BTC. It is a hub to control value for CRAD holders. This service cover withdrawal requests from:
    - Users with a monetized transaction
    - Publishers and Developers
    - Team (CFC and CryptoAds)
    - Investors
    - Other (loyalty e.t.c.)
    - Charity
    Fiat-Crypto-CRAD buyback service has own crypto/fiat fund, which grows from the monetized transaction, by receiving money from advertisers/app publishers, who paid fiat to bought CRADs (monetized transactions). This is not a classical fund. It is just saving account in bank or ETH/BTC account, where % from all revenue is collected to cover the balance on exchange operations.
    Orders, which are monetized, covered first with the buyback service, and 30% amount project left on the account.
    Each transaction within CRAD, have 1% amount fee as revenue of the project from a receiver side
    10% from all project income will be held in CRAD buyback cash fund.
    20% of CRAD buyback cash fund should be used for covering withdrawal requests from employees, 20% for investors and 55% to cover requests from App publishers and 5% for charity. Advertisers can’t access to CRAD buyback cash fund
    Charity requests are proposed by a community of developers and voted by token holders depends from the token amount. 
    If the total amount of withdrawal more than fund held money, money is distributed in the appropriate percentage. Like if orders for 100k CRADs and fund have 10k$ = we will cover 10k CRADs appropriate % of orders.
    Developers, who own CRADs reward for integration, can still exchange advertising between each other, using CRADs. How it works: after platform will have more than two developers, they can place offers within their apps. They can purchase using money or use received CRAD balance. 
    CRAD ecosystem will be listed on crypto exchanges to show the value of CRAD to an external market. 
    Overload of CRAD buyback cash fund means, what all holders of CRADs (include token private investors) can be covered highest, then 1$=1CRAD exchange rate. How it works: let’s say those token holders has 100k CRADs on hands and fund have 150k$. It means that all holders will have 1.5$ per one CRAD. As later they will exchange, as much more revenue within the system, as the much highest rate will be. 
    Holders of CRADs will have a voting system to make proposals and team have approved and implemented changes in time.
    All those rules will affect for tokens, distributed after 1st November 2018
    50% from all transaction fees (point 6) must be distributed to CRAD holders, who own more than 5000 CRADs in a proportion of token amount held. All fees will transfer monthly bases, in case of more than 10 CRADs amount will be transferred.

Presentation for investors

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